The Record

Delegate Torian’s Left-Wing Record

Throughout 2020 and 2021 Democrat leaders in Virginia, have closed schools while opening up the jails and releasing violent felons. They have tried to mandate Critical Race Theory in our schools. They supported the defunding of our police, resulting in a major backlash with higher crime rates and resignations in our police departments across Virginia.

As an ordained minister at First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Woodbridge it’s shocking that Delegate Torian quietly goes along with House Democrats to support pro-abortion legislation.

With their House majority, Prince William County Democratic representatives in the House of Delegates including Delegate Torian have spent 2021 passing laws that pushed Virginia farther to the left — including ones to pack the Court of Appealspermanently adopt election law changes from 2020, and adopt California’s vehicle emission standards 

These are in addition to last year, when the Democratic majority passed new laws to eliminate the photo requirement ID to vote, authorize plastic bag taxes and public employee unionsincrease electric billsremove abortion restrictions— along with 7 out of 8 of Governor Northam’s gun controlproposals.

Some examples of bills passed include:

  • HB 1896 requires that all health insurance plans offered on Virginia exchanges must include abortion coverage.
  • HB 1888 undermines election integrity by mandating drop boxes for absentee ballots and loosens other electoral requirements.
  • HB 1904 requires teachers and principals pass “cultural competency tests.”
  • HB 2128 lengthens the time the State Police have to approve gun sales or transfers.

The Virginia Clean Economy Act was passed in 2020 as HB 1526 in the House and SB 851 in the Senate in order to incorporate clean energy directions from Governor Northam’s Executive Order Forty-Three in September 2019.  The bill establishes a schedule by which electric companies must retire electric generating units from fossil fuels.  It also includes a timeline by which they must construct, acquire, or purchase energy from sunlight or wind.   Delegate Ayala signed on as a co-sponsor of the bill, and Delegates Torian, Ayala, Carrol-Foy, Carter, Guzman, and Roem all voted in favor of the legislation.

HB 1937  The Green New Deal Act.  This bill establishes a moratorium on fossil fuels as of January 1, 2022.  Although the bill has not yet passed, Delegates Guzman, Carter, and Roem were all sponsors of this bill, which is intended to mandate the elimination of all fossil fuels.  If passed, the bill would have banned new electricity-generating facilities effective this January. 

Finally, HJ 537 declares racism to be a “public health crisis.”

If re-elected, Delegate Torian and the other Prince William Democratic representatives will continue to push Virginia farther to the left and advance their radical agenda in Virginia!


Nine things to know about Delegate Torian’s record.

1. Sponsors the “Green New Deal Virginia” plan – Luke Torian is a Co-Patron of HJ724, otherwise known as “Green New Deal Virginia.” It follows in the vein of one of Congress’s most liberal legislators; Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, whose initial rollout of the Green New Deal was so mismanaged that it included getting rid of “Farting Cows” and “Airplanes” as part of the overall goal for “environmental justice,” and has been reported by a nonpartisan study to potentially cost up to $93 Trillion dollars. Cortez’s chief of staff said this about the Green New Deal: In a report by the Washington Post, Saikat Chakrabarti revealed that “it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all … we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing.”

The Green New Deal bill that Torian sponsors, much like Cortez’s, remains deliberately vague and obfuscates real policy means, using language such as the direction of “large investments” taken directly from Virginia tax payers to be put into implausible and utopian energy renewability plans. The real issues facing the people of Prince William County should not take a back seat to the misguided notions of politicians looking to play with tax payer money or entirely change the economy.

2. Supports Sanctuary Cities – In the last 3 years, Luke Torian has consistently voted against bills – most notable among them being SB1156, HB1257, and HB2000 – that would have prohibited the establishment of sanctuary cities.

Torian has also voted against HB2270, which would have allowed local law enforcement to notify federal authorities of any illegal immigrants who were being discharged from prison. Prince William County has a solid track record of supporting all federal law enforcement agencies and should continue to do so.

3. Consistently Pro-Abortion – From 2012 to 2018, Luke Torian, an ordained minister has consistently received a score of “100% pro-choice” from the pro-abortion organization NARAL. Torian has consistently voted “nay” on bills that would prohibit state funding for abortion services, such as bill HB2264 and HB1090.

Torian also refused to vote on a bill that would define life as beginning at conception.

The sanctity, right to life, and protection of every unborn child is a self-evident human right and deserves the safety and security from our elected officials. His voting record on abortion is particularly troubling since he is an ordained minister.

4. Consistently Anti-Second Amendment – From 2013 to 2018, Luke Torian has received a pro-gun rating from the Virginia Citizens Defense League ranging from 0% to 32%. Most recently in 2018, Torian has received a pro-gun score of 0%. Virginians have a constitutional right to exercise their Second Amendment liberties. Denying them that right, or making it harder to exercise their right is irresponsible.

5. Refuses Education Transparency – In 2019, Luke Torian voted “nay” on HB2570, which would let parents have knowledge of, and be able to consent to, Family Life Education programs for their child. Voting against this bill effectively denies parents the information they need to better understand what their child is learning in school and denies parents the opportunity to decide what type of Family Life Education programs are appropriate for their child.   

6. Wants Greater Government Bureaucracy – Luke Torian is the Chief Patron of the “My Virginia Plan”, which would create an unnecessary burden on businesses as well as increase the size of government bureaucracy by creating a new government Board to run this program. This Board would be outfitted with extra “staff” and resources which would create a needless bureaucratic slog and make our government operate with less efficiency. 

7. Wants Increased Burden on Police Officers – Luke Torian is the Chief Patron of HB2436, which would create undue burdens on police officers by mandating greater “data collection and reporting requirement[s],” distracting from the greater purpose of keeping Prince William County residents safe. He also voted against SB1507 which would more efficiently allow law enforcement to apprehend individuals who are already being sought after for arrest, and thereby make it safer for officers to perform their duties.

8. Failed to Vote Against Religious Discrimination – Luke Torian voted against bill HB773 which would have prohibited “discrimination based on certain religious beliefs” from the state. Failure to pass the bill allows the state government to discriminate against religious institutions by repealing “tax deductions for charitable contributions” and other reductions in grants, scholarships, entitlements, and contracts. Religious freedom and freedom of thought is a primary tenet of the Constitution and our democracy, and his position on this issue is troubling since he is an ordained minister.  

9. Any Tax He Can Get – Luke Torian has both sponsored and voted “aye” on bills that would increase financial burdens on retail store owners as well as increase the maximum charge on motor vehicle inspections in an attempt to increase state revenues wherever possible. Business owners of Virginia should be able to keep as much of their own money as allowed without interference from government agencies, and state charges on vehicle inspections should not create anymore burden for low-income citizens than necessary.